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Earliest GT40 dated clay model photo found 6-11-63

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It's no secreat I have hunted for all development photos (Ford) that can be found on the web .

Attached is a photo dated from June 11th, 1963 showing the start of the full sized GT40 clay model.
On the same date there are about 4 renderings that were relaseed, with a red backgound.
They don't look like the same design, so I imgine there were more renderings made.

A few days later, on the 19th, the finished clay design is photographed completed in light blue metallic.
There apeear to be at least 10 images of that design per the identification numbers 1 - 10.
(I usually just find 8 views per designs from Ford)
To date I have only found S-6453 -1,-2,-3,-5,-6, &-10 (missing -4,-7,-8, &-9 and no others after -10)

These are the earliest photos found, so far, over many years of looking

Rich:   Great find!  Never saw a pix with those Ferrari-like side strakes. 

Ford beat Ferrari to that design by about 20 years!   

Thanks Van, great to see your post!

It does have a Testarossa feel to the design. That Ford designer must have gone crazy in '84.
Maybe those side strakes would have helped slighly in the Mulsanne straight.

I love this sh!t - thanks for sharing.

- Phillip

The first clay mock up had two design versions. A different design on each side (typical for the clay models)
One side strake on the left side and three strakes on the right side

It had the one piece canopy at the beginning, as we see in position of the body cut lines.

REMOVED FILE WITH 'LOLA COLLABORATON" NAME. Remaned as just ford date and code and attached same photo


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