Author Topic: Old 2020 CLad for genuine 427 Cobra includes discussion of how to tell which 427  (Read 939 times)


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The misprint sound like $140,000 or so but they corrected it The discussu9in goes into how one guy (not on this car) could fake a 427 side oiler engine, like to hear comments on those comments


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It's pretty difficult to fake a 427 sideoiler block. On the left front of block you have the front of the oil galley down by the side of the timing cover. Easy to see. Plug can be removed fairly easy. This will show the oil galley and passages inside. Picture is of my C5AE-H block. The plug is a replacement from POP. I have seen these and allen plugs used in factory sideoilers. Pretty hard to fake this. This POP plug is a good replacement if one is needed. May need a little trim on thread length. They can be a little long and possible to block cam passage.