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Martyn Schorr:
Trying to figure out if, in addition, to ID number on valve covers, engine blocks were stamped on front area "pads" with numbers to match for tracking and positive ID? Since valve covers can be switched accidentally or on purpose and valve cover labels could disintegrate, thinking there should be a positive way to track engines. Any feedback would be appreciated

Doing research for book I'm writing on Roy Lunn. Typical valve cover ID photo attached
Thanks, Marty

Road Reptile:
Hello and welcome to the SAAC forum,
A simple thought is it may be wise to contact "Lee Holman" of Holman & Moody. They worked with Ford on 427 engines for multiple applications, and should know something about tracking I.D. #
any pictures or info from years ago mentions experimental part numbers, so far that is all I have ever found. Best of luck on the book project!!
Regards Anthony AKA Road Reptile

Martyn Schorr:
Thanks. Lee is a friend, and will run it by him, marty

Most of us here should recognize Marty's name, and know of his literally 60+ years of writing excellent automotive articles and well-researched books.

I've know him since the early '80s, and he's a pro. Super nice guy too.

Marty, welcome aboard!

Martyn Schorr:
Thanks Pal for the nice words. Just an old analog journalist trying to survive in a digital world...and having fun doing it, Marty


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