Author Topic: Bizzarrini hardbound book want, will trade for 11" 17" Coobra prints from paint  (Read 178 times)


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Such as by Jack de Koobs Hartog. Any condition, or ten copies of different Griffon magazine, IBOC magzine.The Cobra prints are 11" x 17" on heavy paper shipped rolled. One print per book or one print for ten Griffons. Also got
single spaced typed Bizzarrini register running nineteen pages about 11" x 8.5"stretching back to 2014. No author identified. Doubted accuracy but when i looked up the five Bizzarrinis I barn found, all were mentioned (such as that of Carey Loftin, the stunt man,)so i was satisfied so if you just discovered this forgotten (now prized) marque here's a place to start keeping track of SNs. The Register only sold for cash. If you request delivery in person in SoCal I'll bring some 11" x 17" prints of Bizzarrinis that are $75 each on heavyweught paper..
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