Author Topic: NOS 428SCJ stuff - oil cooler, harmonic balancer, cookie cutter, carbs  (Read 1782 times)


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ok - same deal, my new car is coming and I have import charges to pay!!

I would prefer to sell these as a package but will consider separate sales if there's not a buyer for everything:

NOS oil cooler adapter (still has the cardboard cap in the pressure sender hole)  $500

NOS Harmonic balancer dated H9 $750

NOS hatchet  (still has the cardboard sleeve on the outer) $400

NOS oil cooler radiator (believe this is one of the repros, but could be wrong) $1500

I have a used set of aftermarket oil cooler hoses, reasonably recent and flexible $200

Various '69 CJ carbs - auto (N) and 4-speed (M) dates ranging from 864 to 935 - ask for specific dates