Author Topic: Fender and Headlight Bucket Hardware  (Read 2792 times)


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Re: Fender and Headlight Bucket Hardware
« Reply #30 on: January 03, 2021, 01:05:00 PM »
Bob, the headlight buckets I have as interesting in that they came off of a car never apart. The areas of the buckets tucked behind the front edge of the fender are dark argent with a consistent spray which would be impossible if the gray was sprayed after attaching to the fender. some slight overspray on the top of the bucket which appears to me to think they were painted off the car. The only grabber blue is overspray in the back of the bucket like it could have happened when painting the fenders with the buckets installed. Nowhere where the paint is scratched is there a hint of GB on the front side that got dark gray paint. Someday at a show I'll bring the buckets and let you inspect them. My opinion? These were painted first. Then installed and masked off. I was the 3rd owner of  #3052-second owner owned from around 1973-1984. Painted it black and the car was never apart according to him(original paint under hood and trunk and door jambs and car partially in primer when I bought it). i had to slot the heads of the bolts to take off the front valance(rusted) as well as problems disassembling other front end parts due to rusted nuts/bolts and that was 1984.  Gary
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