Author Topic: 289 Build Recommendations? Anyone?  (Read 5506 times)


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Re: 289 Build Recommendations? Anyone?
« Reply #30 on: December 03, 2018, 01:56:26 PM »

Kiwi, a great guy, did us all a favor detailing that build on our old forum.
Iím surprised there is not more of this here.
Anyway I feel his numbers were right in line IMHO. Dynos can never be compared except for trend comparisons. Numbers can also be pumped on any build, on any dyno, for peak numbers which may not be your most usable combo.
On a flat-top 331, C7FE, w an archaic intake one could run 1.7s and a single plane and get the same longblock to appear more powerful perhaps....

     Did you know that was the first engine he "built''?  He drove all they way down to my house in Anaheim to take apart the ( surprise .060 over that never ran hot) 289 in his '65. Devastated by the .060 over bore , I gave him a standard bore 289 block I had as a new foundation and some direction for a 331ci build and he was off in a blurr to do it. His writing style was so eloquent that he made it sound like he was a seasoned veteran pointing out all of the things a "novice" should watch out for.
     A VERY easy ci to hp number for most anybody to get these days is 1.2hp/ci , so a 400 hp 331ci engine is common. for 450 a little more cam and compression is needed. For 500+ more compression , really good aluminum heads and a solid roller cam are needed.

   RIP Kiwi,
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