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National convention in Pittsburg

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charlie D:
Anybody in Maryland going? I am thinking about it, but have not taken a road trip with this car in many, many years. Would be comforting if there were a few of us forming a caravan. Breakdowns are always on the "potential" list.  Let me know.
Charlie D

i'm going I live in south pa right above Hagerstown md.

Steve McDonald Formally known as Mcdonas:
Iím coming up from southern Maryland. I70 to Pa Turnpike to hotel 

Corey Bowcutt:
I am planning to attend and live in Annapolis.  My current plan is to drive the car but may rent a u-hauls trailer if my brother comes with me with a truck.  But would be happy to caravan either way.

You can call or text me to discuss plans if you would like, (410)991-7048.


charlie D:
Good sounds like several are heading up. I plan on leaving Wednesday the 10th and returning Saturday the 13th. Still working on getting a new set of carbs on and tuned. Then it will be test drive time. I will be going up even if the Shelby isn't ready. Corey, I will give you a call to see what we can coordinate since we are close. Do my dates fit anyone else's? Looking forward to meeting all of you.
Charlie D


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