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Re: timing cover ribs
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We have, from where I'm sitting, 6 dots on 5 vanes so honestly we could read it as May or June. What we don't know and never will is if the worker meant either date and simply placed two dots on one vane or he make, on purpose the one van with two marks. These are the same workers at the same plant that also were markign things like bell housing that didn't have the van detail on the date plug for some reason. Depending on the time period they had small guide dots or just a ring in the basic design and you can see in those examples where the dots are placed all over the place. So do we have a worker working in the timing cover casting area that day that had been marking bell housings (for example) and now trying to line up the dots on specific vans and missed?  Don't know for certain

Jeff, OK more worker variables ;-)

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