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1969 Shelby GT500
Assigned as a Shelby Company Car
Very Early Car #13
First Assigned and Owned by the Shelby Marketing Department
Taken to New York and Las Vegas auto Shows in Early 1969
Factory Black Jade with White Interior
R Code 428 Cobra Jet
Fully Documented Car with Build Sheet and Shelby Paperwork
All original Body with some Original Paint
Original Numbers Matching Drivetrain
Never Any Rust
Stored in California for Over 30 Years

Link to Pictures of Car and Documentation:

I feel like this is a piece of Shelby history. This was a very early build 1969 Shelby GT500, Serial Number 013. This car is fully documented as being a Shelby Company Car and assigned to the Shelby Marketing Department. Documentation from the Shelby American Auto Club as well as the Shelby registry show this car as being taken by Shelby to the Rochester Auto Show on January 8th, 1969, and then taken to the Shelby Dealer Introduction show in Las Vegas on January 15th, 1969 as one of the show cars.
Once the Shelby Marketing department was done with the car it was shipped from Gaudin Motor Company in Las Vegas to Robert H. Loud Ford in Pasadena California on March 4th, 1969. It was purchased by its original owner from Loud Ford on August 30th, 1969, exactly 50 years ago. The car remained in California and was taken off the road in 1975. I think the car was drag raced as it has a Hone-O-Drive unit on it and Pro-Stock Engineering Ford stickers on the Lakewood traction bars.  The current California plate on the car was the last plate on the car and still has the registration sticker from 1975.
The car has 55,000 original miles.

After the car was parked it sat for over 30 years in a warehouse where the previous owner started restoration and then passed away. The car has never had any rust, no panel changes, has its original engine and transmission. The car is basically a time capsule. Under the carpet still looks new with the blade jade paint on the floors. Every body seam looks new. The door jambs and trunk jambs etc all have factory paint and look perfect.
I canít stress enough how good the body is on this car and how original it is. Anyone is more than welcome to come and see this car in person.
The Marti report shows exactly how the car was built and I will break that down here for below.

VIN: 9F02R480013
Built at Dearborn, Michigan on December 10th, 1968
63C Shelby 2-Door Fastback
C5 Black Jade Paint, Ford # 3197-A
3W White Knit Vinyl Hi-Back Bucket Seats
842503 Home Office Reserve DSO special order #2503
S 3.50 Traction-Lok Rear Axle
U C-6 Select Shift automatic Transmission
Car had the following Options:
-Traction-Lok Differential
- Optional Axle Ratio
-Sport Deck Rear Seat
-Power Steering
-Tilt Away Steering Wheel
-Power Front Disc Brakes
-Power Ventilation
-AM Radio
-Tinted Glass- Complete
-Tachometer and Trip Odometer
Now that you know the history of the car, and how the car was built when it was new, I will talk about the cars current condition.

All factory VINS and tags are on the car. Nothing reproduction or missing.
Car has the original Dash Tag on Drivers side
Original Door Tag
Original Shelby Tag on Door post (Early cars got the tag on the door post instead of the door)
Original Buck Tag that was found on Radiator Support
Fender Apron has VIN stamp. Itís double stamped.
Have original build sheet in excellent condition.
Second build sheet is still stuck to the floor.

Every Original Engine Part is Dated September 1968
428 Cobra Jet ďCĒ Scratch on Rear Fully Rebuilt with Receipts VIN Stamp on Rear Block Date 8J5. September 5th 1968
1UB Crankshaft
C7AE-B Rods Magnafluxed and Cleaned with new Bearings
Fully Externally Balanced Rotating Assembly
Speed Pro Pistons .40
Comp Cam with spec Card
Comp Cam High Energy Hydraulic Lifters
Cobra Jet heads redone with Valve Job C8OE-6090-N Date Codes 8J12 and 8J14
Original Distributor C8OF-12127-J Date 8J4 September 4th 1968
Original Carburetor C9AF-9510-N Dated 895. 5th Week September 1968
Original Intake Manifold C8OE-9425-C September 68 Dated
Original Cobra Jet Exhaust Manifolds C8OE-9430-D and C8OE-9431-B
Newly Painted Air Cleaner w/ new Filter and Autolite Decal
Concourse Correct Engine Bay Decals
Fan Blades C8OE-B
Some Smog Parts do come with the car
New Radiator
New Water Pump
New Fuel Pump
New Starter
New Solenoid
All New gaskets, hoses, plug wires, air cleaner, belts, fan shroud etc.

C-6 Original VIN stamped matching
R Servo
New Filter and Gasket
Correct Original Shifter Rod
New Torque Converter
Cobra Jet Flexplate balanced to the Engine
Brand New Transmission Lines Correct
New Speedometer Cable
All new U joints in the driveshaft. Fresh rearend oil and Transmission oil.

Factory 9Ē Nodular 31 Spline 3.50 Rearend
ďNĒ Case Nodular housing Dated 8L6
Has a HONE-0-Drive Unit on the car. It was on the car when I got it so I left it on. Driveshaft was shortened for this unit. Itís an original unit that is rare. I have the factory 9Ē Pinion and housing.
Steering and Brakes:
Power Steering
Tilt Away Steering Column
New Concourse correct power steering hoses.
New Front Rubber Brake Lines
New Master Cylinder
Power front disc brakes, rear drum brakes like factory.

Body and Paint:
First off, the body on this car is the best Iíve ever seen on a mustang and ALL ORIGINAL! The body on the car is immaculate. Itís all original Ford and Shelby Body panels. All original floors, doors, quarters, hood trunk, fenders etc. Never any rust repair. NO RUST or rot ANYWHERE! Underneath the carpet still has factory black jade paint on the floors. Inside the trunk is perfect all the way around. Trunk has the factory mat in it and a space saver spare tire only. Also have the factory jack and lug wrench and air bottle.
The floor pans, frame rails, and torque boxes are perfect. No rust flakes, no issues at all. Itís amazing how nice the body is on this car. The car has original paint on the rocker panels, quarter panels, roof, trunk lid, quarter end caps, and rear valance. When I got the car it was not running because the owner had planned to restore the car 30 years ago and pulled the motor. I had the engine fully rebuilt and have receipts and pictures. He also began to paint strip the hood, fenders, and got some on the doors. I have pictures of all of this.

So I had to have the car painted to fix this. Using PPG basecoat and PPG Deltron 4000 clearcoat, I had the hood, fenders, doors, cowl, and front valance have fresh black jade painted to that match and it came out really well and then put on new Stripes from Branda. The roof, quarters, trunk etc have all original paint that has been buffed out the best it could be, with original stripes. The original paint has some chips, scratches, and minor dings but its ORIGINAL PAINT thatís 50 years old. I wanted to keep the original paint so that whoever buys the car can see that nothing is hiding under a fresh paint job and because the paint is only original once.
The fiberglass is in great shape overall and itís all original. The rear valance was freshly painted satin black.
The engine bay was painted satin black while the engine was out and I applied new correct decals.

The interior of the car is all original. Factory White interior. Factory gauges, dashpad, seats front and back, factory roll bar with shoulder harnesses, original carpet, original console etc. The shifter bezel is new but I have the original. All of the interior lights and gauge light work. The tilt pop steering column works intermittently and could use some service.
The center console has some added switches in the car and has a crack near the front. I have a new factory console that goes with the car that is in excellent condition. Dashpad has a split by the speaker. Not bad but its there.
Factory oil pressure and amp gauge. The headliner is original and has a couple holes. Above the visor on both sides. Seats are overall very clean. I donít see any tears, just a few stains that could be removed Iíd say.

Brake systems works great.
Tilt pop steering needs some servicing.
Wiring has never been cut or hacked up. Headlight and taillights work, interior lights etc. I think the car needs a turn signal relay or switch. Iím also still trying to get the fog lights to work from the console switch. Bulbs are good, switch is hooked up. Fuel gauge needs checked out.

Located in Beckley WV 25801

Price $98,000 negotiable. Accepting offers. Ill be taking more pictures and videos this weekend. The shelby emblems are now on the quarter panels.

Call anytime 304-228-4732
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Re: 1969 Shelby GT500 Very Early Car #013 Black Jade Shelby Marketing Car
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Taking offers. Thanks


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Re: 1969 Shelby GT500 Very Early Car #013 Black Jade Shelby Marketing Car
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Is this car still available?